About ABC – Active Contributions for People and the Environment

ABC is an independent non-profit volunteer organisation established in Lund since 1998.

We have international collaborations in Nepal and India as well as a number of local projects. These range from urban gardens to youth centres and all focus on sustainability. Through the promotion of  gender equality, human rights, Fairtrade and positive environmental impacts we are inspired to create positive change in society.

ABC's Core Values

We focus on small-scale, long-sighted and environmentally aware activities often in collaboration with local organisations. These partnerships support people and their ideas, allowing them to grow and be realised both within and beyond the borders of Sweden. 

ABC was founded with the idea of working in a small format, and thereby be able to make a difference for individuals. We also believe that the small size creates a meaningfulness for each individual allowing ABC to focus our fundamental beliefs of  help to self-help, sustainability (both socially and environmentally) and equality for all.

Everyone is needed and welcome to ABC ! 

The ABC Board

ABC´s board currently consists of eight people who actively contribute to the organization's day-to-day operations.
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Here you can find the English translation of the originally Swedish statutes, that were enacted by the inaugural meeting in Lund, 29 July 1998.
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Active Contributions for People and the Environment