The Board

Chairperson | Mahlet Bezu Mengistu

Sustainable development with a focus on climate change has been Mahlet’s area of interest. The meaningful changes Mahlet has seen brought by like-minded people and resilient communities in Ethiopia, early in her career, has encouraged her to continue to do her share of responsibility towards a sustainable future. She gained most of her work experience in NGOs by working with vulnerable groups like women and children in the context of sustainable development and climate change. She gained a global perspective of such issues when she worked in United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) in Copenhagen. Mahlet studied Leadership for Sustainability in Malmö and Development Studies in Lund University.

Fun fact: Mahlet is currently studying Swedish. She aims to speak the same level of Swedish as Swedes in high school in 6-month time.


Vice-Chairperson | Jessica Yo

Jessica comes from São Paulo, Brazil but she has been living in Europe for the last 8 years where she obtained her Bachelors in European Studies in the Netherlands and her Masters in International Business Management in Spain. Currently, she is doing her second Masters in Environmental Management and Policy at Lund University. Jessica has experience working in the private sector with international trade, marketing, and events. She has also gained experience in the communications department of Greenpeace Germany last year, where she realized that working in non-profit/non-gov organizations was truly her passion. She is determined to promote social and environmental development everywhere she goes.

Fun Fact: Jessica loves to widely share her vegan recipes


Secretary | Fernanda Drumond

 Since her teen years Fernanda has been involved in volunteer work towards the youth. She comes from Brazil where she was involved in the youth group in Belo Horizonte. There she helped to organize retreats, distribute food and resources to the homeless, play with children in orphanages and create awareness about the need to recycle waste. In India, she was a professional ballerina and in Nepal, she taught ballet to teens in orphanages. She has a Masters Degree in Development Studies from Lund University and now works at Gapminder in Stockholm.

Fun Fact: She has recently started going after her dream of scuba diving and hopes to dive in shipwrecks someday soon!


Activity Coordinator |  Marie Urfels

Marie is enrolled in the BSc. Development Studies and majors in Human Geography. She has a background in engagement with non-profit organizations in community development in Latin America, as well as with AAFRA (Association of African Affairs) in Lund and is now the Activity Group Coordinator for ABC together with Jodie.  She likes to engage with local projects that improve the urban living environment for its community.

Fun fact: I can make food out of almost everything! Improvisation is key!


Activity Coordinator | Jodie Ho

Jodie is half-Taiwanese and half-Japanese and is currently a Masters student in Lund studying Environmental Studies and Sustainability Sciences. She has previously studied in the UK for her Bachelor's degree in Sociology and International Development. There she volunteered with the Brighton Permaculture Trust. At her time there she developed an interest in composting and gardening and hopes to have a forest garden of her own someday. She is interested in organisations that work with community engagement and the environment. She hopes that this will bring more awareness for sustainable living.

Fun Fact: I can fall asleep anywhere.


Communications Officer | Megan Connolly

Megan has a bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of East Anglia (UEA) in the UK and is now studying for her master’s degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science here in Lund. Previously she has taken the role of Vice President of the UEA Sustainability Society during her bachelors and is particularly interested in engaging as many people as possible in the natural world and sustainability.

Fun fact: Her grandfather was one of the first people to teach her about gardening and nature when she was very young!


Treasurer & International Collaborations Coordinator | Felipe Visson

Felipe likes to describes himself with quotes “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”  Mahatma Gandhi

Fun Fact: Treasurer … because every organisation needs one!


International Collaborations Coordinator | Katrina Taylor

Katrina has graduated history and politics and now is working in the sphere of education in the Lund’s International School Kattedral. She is a multi-talented person with immense experience in a range of NGO’s. She has been part of the board for the Erasmus program and is experienced in organizing and managing their workflow. Currently, she is heavily involved in ABC's Yuwalaya project.

Fun Fact: Katrina still writes and sends letters and recently sent a telegram.



Local Development Co-ordinator | Rufai Issifu 

Rufai is enrolled in the Master of Science Programme in Development Studies at Lund University. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the University of Ghana. He has been active in ABC’s urban gardening projects since 2017. Amongst his interests are volunteer work, agribusiness and project monitoring and evaluation.

Fun Fact: Rufai loves feeding his goats



International Development Coordinator | Mehmet Dogan

Mehmet has recently completed his Master’s degree in International Development and Management (Lund University) and is now working at Tetra Pak (Development & Service Operations) in Lund. He holds a BSc degree in Political Science and Public Administration from Hacettepe University (Ankara, Turkey). He also studied at the University of Bremen (Germany) as part of the Erasmus+ exchange programme in 2013. Since 2012, he has been working with 15-25 year olds to create wider awareness of different global issues at the local level. He is the former Turkish youth delegate to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe.  Over the last six years, he has undertaken several internships within think-tanks, governmental organizations and NGOs. Social exclusion, women’s empowerment, youth unemployment and local democracy are some of the issues that he attaches great importance to as a youth worker. He spends most of his spare time doing photography, improving his Swedish and experimenting with food in the kitchen.

Fun fact: Skyping with my parakeet is the most important part of my daily routine. (Her name is Kumru and she lives with my parents in Bursa, Turkey).