The Board

Chairperson | Helen Backlund

Helen has an academic background within International Development and Management where she holds a master degree from Lunds University. She was in the first board when ABC was founded and has been engaged in the work of ABC during different periods since.

             She was part of a team establishing new collaborations in Mbale, Uganda which led to a successful partnership with Oxford High School and building of new school premises. Helen loves to travel and has been to more than 30 countries in the world. A special place for her is Kenya where she has spent much time and keeps returning to. Helen is very engaged in children and women's rights and has been working with unaccompanied minors in Sweden since 2015.

Fun fact: Helen can estimate time and volume quite precisely.


Vice Chairperson | Julia Linder

Julia has an academic background in Work- and Organisational Psychology and is a trained and passionate gardener and farmer. Being engaged in ABC since 2010, Julia knows the organisation inside and out and is proud to see the organisation continuously develop, both locally and internationally. Julia has been key in establishing ABC's working methods around urban gardening as a tool to transition towards more empowered and sustainable communities. Apart from being the vice chairperson of ABC, Julia also coordinates our urban gardening project Vi odlar! on her spare time. Julia currently works as the Gardening Coordinator at Lund's Municipality.

Fun fact: Julia adores animals and is soon getting chickens and hens together with her neighbours.


Communications Officer | Soham Wrick Datta

Soham Wrick has just completed his PhD in Oncology and has a Masters in Immunology, Neuromuscular diseases and Global Health. He moved from being a medical practitioner in Orthopaedics to becoming a clinical medical researcher so that he could work in different laboratories and hospitals in different countries along with traveling and make a difference in the field of immunology and oncology. He has grown up and lived in India, China, Ireland, Hong Kong, Lithuania and has recently moved to Sweden.
            Being a travel and adventure enthusiast, he has traveled in more than 51 countries and runs the travel blog, Counting Souvenirs that promotes sunstainable and ecofriendly ways to travel and experience.
            After moving to Lund recently, he has been involved in humanitarian mapping, apple-picking, food saving, culture kitchen and other ABC projects so he decided to apply to be a board member so that he could experience the various projects from a closer perspective, learn from them and share his experiences. He has been a part of NGOs involving animal rights, animal rescues and shelter, helping the elderly with technology, food saving and sustainability for many years so ABC's projects were quite interesting for him to be wanting to be a part of. He is also quite excited to see ABC grow and expand into more international projects in Bulgaria, Uganda and elsewhere.

Fun fact: His grandfather was the one who taught him all about nature and sustainability as a kid! He has also represented his university in Quidditch and speaks more than 8 languages 😀


Treasurer | Felipe Visson

Felipe likes to describes himself with quotes “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”  Mahatma Gandhi

Fun Fact: Treasurer … because every organisation needs one!


Secretary & International Collaborations Coordinator | Fernanda Drumond

 Since her teen years Fernanda has been involved in volunteer work towards the youth. She comes from Brazil where she was involved in the youth group in Belo Horizonte. There she helped to organize retreats, distribute food and resources to the homeless, play with children in orphanages and create awareness about the need to recycle waste. In India, she was a professional ballerina and in Nepal, she taught ballet to teens in orphanages. She has a Masters Degree in Development Studies from Lund University and now works at Gapminder in Stockholm.

Fun Fact: She has recently started going after her dream of scuba diving and hopes to dive in shipwrecks someday soon!


International Coordinator | Aastha Kc

Hello, my name is Aastha Kc and i am originally from Kathmandu, Nepal. My academic background is in Social Work and Human Rights Studies with a focus on Caste-based discrimination and the role of anti-discrimination laws. Volunteering is something I have always found extremely rewarding and I am excited to be continuing this journey with ABC. Before moving to Sweden in 2017 I lived in Melbourne, Australia for 10 years and can vouch that the spiders found in the continent are mostly “harmless” and whilst we are on the topic I will also take my chances and say the same about the serpents.

Fun Fact: For reasons unbeknown to me, my friends and family particularly in Australia call me a hopeless Idealist. I would like to ideally, see that change sometime soon.


General Member | Mehmet Dogan

Mehmet has recently completed his Master’s degree in International Development and Management (Lund University) and is now working at Tetra Pak (Development & Service Operations) in Lund. He holds a BSc degree in Political Science and Public Administration from Hacettepe University (Ankara, Turkey). He also studied at the University of Bremen (Germany) as part of the Erasmus+ exchange programme in 2013. Since 2012, he has been working with 15-25 year olds to create wider awareness of different global issues at the local level. He is the former Turkish youth delegate to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe.  Over the last six years, he has undertaken several internships within think-tanks, governmental organizations and NGOs. Social exclusion, women’s empowerment, youth unemployment and local democracy are some of the issues that he attaches great importance to as a youth worker. He spends most of his spare time doing photography, improving his Swedish and experimenting with food in the kitchen.

Fun fact: Skyping with my parakeet is the most important part of my daily routine. (Her name is Kumru and she lives with my parents in Bursa, Turkey).


General Member | Sevgi ilgezdi

Sevgi has academic background in economics, education and  sustainability. She worked at  international companies and at education sector. Sevgi  joined ABC as the fairtrade board member and also aiming to contribute to local and international projects whenever needed. She loves taking photos and capturing the moment with her camera.

Fun  Fact: She is afraid of heights but she loves climbing and exploring the fascinating beauty of Nature.