The Board

Chairperson: Katrina Taylor

Katrina has graduated history and politics and now is working in the sphere of education in the Lund`s International School Kattedral. She is a multi-talented person with immense experience in a range of NGO’s. She has been part of the board for the Erasmus program and is experienced in organizing and managing their work flow. Currently she is heavily involved in ABC's Yuwalaya project.

Fun Fact: Katrina still writes and sends letters and recently sent a telegram.


Vice Chair person- Gavin Lord 

Gavin started his masters degree in Sustainability Science this fall. Originally from the central coast of California, he studied Ethics and Public Policy, and German language at UCSB. He tries to split his time between his studies, volunteering, playing music, and getting outdoors. Gavin is excited to be a part of the board and to grow with ABC.


Treasurer- Benjamin Sjögren

Benjamin has been on the board since 2013 and has been involved in ABC before that. He is also the current economy assistant for ABC. He has a bachelor degree in development studies where he completed his thesis in Columbia on displaced people due to civil conflict. He is also has been studying medicine since 2015.

Fun Fact: Benjamin is currently learning to paint like Leonid Afremov!


Secretary & Membership Co-ordinator- Julia Linder

Julia has studied Psychology, Development Studies and Project Leading at Lund University and is also trained as an organic gardener at Capellagården, Öland. Julia was one of the key people establishing ABC's urban gardening projects in Lund and has worked as the project leader for gardening projects Ett Grönare Lund och Vi odlar! between 2012-2014. Julia has many years experience of organisational and group development from numerous NGOs. Currently Julia is studying the Social Work Program in Lund. 

Fun fact: Julia is known for her favourite icebreaker "The Worm".

Development Co-ordinator-Hristo Valchev

Hristo is Master of Conservation Biology of Lund University and Master of Ecomanagement for Sustainable Development of Sofia University. He was previously an Election committee member of ABC and currently is the Project leader of Greenhouse Educational Ecosystem (GEE), Vi Odlar and Urban Naturalistic Installations projects. He is very active in sustainability activities and highly motivated for developing innovative and productive ecological sustainable solutions.

Fun fact: Hristo can grow 111 herbs from seeds.



Activity Group Co-ordinator- Judith Muhlbacher

Judith is currently enrolled in the Master Programme of Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science (LUMES) at Lund University. She is very passionate about contributing to a transition towards more sustainable practices, and has a lot of volunteering experience with urban gardening and collaborative consumption. She recently completed an European Voluntary Service as an Environmental Messenger in Iceland. 

Fun fact: Judith loves being outdoors, on the ground growing veggies or high up in the air climbing.


Communications Officer- Jamie Bowd

Jamie has been involved in ABC’s board, communication group and activity group since 2014. She is from Australia and has a bachelor degree in Journalism and International Relations.  She is currently working at Lund's International School and has an immense passion for international politics, culture and communications in general.  Jamie is excited to be involved in the board again this year and feels she can learn a lot from the group.

Fun Fact: Jamie loves to dance and eat all things caramel!

International Co-ordinator: Fernanda Drumond

Since her teen years Fernanda has been involved in volunteer work towards the youth. She comes from Brazil where she was involved in the youth group in Belo Horizonte. There she helped to organize retreats, distribute food and resources to the homeless, play with children in orphanages and create awareness about the need to recycle waste. In India she was a professional ballerina and in Nepal she taught ballet to teens in orphanages. She has Masters Degree in Development Studies from Lund University and now works at Gapminder in Stockholm.

Fun Fact: She has recently started going after her dream of scuba diving and hopes to dive in ship wrecks someday soon!



Activity Group Co-ordinator- Katarina Wiese

Katarina is enrolled in the Master in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science Master (LUMES) program at Lunds University. She is from the northern part of Germany and my Bachelor background is in business and economics. Katarina is excited to be an active part of the board has been involved in multiple organisations throughout the world before. She is also immensely interested in renewable energies, degrowth and sustainable fashion.

Fun fact: Katarina loves strawberries.