Fruktsam is all about taking care of edibles such as fruit, berries, nuts and greens that grow in public spaces and to spread knowledge about this.

During 2014-2015, Fruktsam organized study circles and fruit picking events around the environmental and social benefits of harvesting local and seasonal fruits and greens.  We have also made our own jam in collaboration with Lund’s Municipal Housing Company (LKF) and the City of Lund called Lundasylt out of local berries and fruit.

During 2016, there is the possibility to start a study circle about seasonal edible fruits in public spaces and/or continue to host seasonal events in collaboration with municipal actors. Contact if you are interested in starting a group.

Fruktsam’s Online Tools:

  • A Harvest map shows you where you can pick fruit, berries and nuts.  You can also add a picking place!
  • A harvest calendar keeps you up to date about the harvest time for different types of fruit.
  • A recipe section explains how to prepare and conserve the harvest.
  • Connect and share your ideas on our Facebook page!

Possible Face-To-Face Activities:

  • Between May and November, we could organize monthly picking events.
  • Host seminars & workshops around the topic urban foraging.
  • Form a study circle, where we can learn together about what can be harvested in public places, the environmental and social benefits of this and how to take care of our harvest.