Be a volunteer

Do you want to contribute with your time and knowledge? As a volunteer in ABC you can get involved in many ways! We hold regular events where the funds go to the different causes, projects and cooperations. We are also highly involved in several urban gardening projects (Vi Odlar, GEE, Ett Grönare Lund) around Lund that meet on a weekly basis during spring and fall. Another alternative is to get involved in one of our working groups where you can get practical experience within communications, activity planning, social development and more. Everyone is wellcome at ABC!

Furthermore, we take part in special events in Lund, such as Culture Night, Christmas fairs, Earth Day, Fair Trade Day, Hälsningsgillet and Lundakarnevalen. ABC sells and informs about Fair Trade products in different markets and event and at these occasions the volunteers are are involved, runs the entire event or comes with fun ideas for activities, contribute to the preparation, cooking, baking, playing music and much more. 

Do you have a idea for a project that you have dreamed of putting together? It does not matter if it is local or global. If it is an interesting and relevant projects based on ABC principles, we can help you implement it.

Anyone who works as a volunteer and is a member may, as a thank you, join our educational weekends and voluntary parties. Please contact us on or contact the different working groups or projects. Visit our facebook or calendar page for upcomming events.