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Urban Naturalistic Installations (UNI)

Urban Naturalistic Installations (UNI) is an environmental, integration and sustainable education project in Lund initiated by non-profit organisation ABC – Active contributions for people and the environment. The project is possible thanks to support from City of Lund’s Environmental Grant.

During 2017, UNI will engage people of Lund in creating three “natural installations” in central places of the city. These installations aim to increase biodiversity and create open meeting places and educational platforms right in the heart of Lund.





There will be regular project sessions every Wednesday at 17:00 in the White Gallery of Stenkrossen, together with the gardening sessions of Vi Odlar ABC’s organisation project.

We began with a public design drawing session for the future installations in February, followed by discussion with the municipality of Lund for public places in the city center to install the three installations.

In March we started the pre-cultivation of a wide variety of herbs, spices, flowers, vegetables and berries in Stenkrossen that we will plant later in the installations.

We are starting to build the installations in May and the first one will be a Herbal Spiral Garden that will stay on Stortorget during the Sustainability Week in Lund 15-21 May 2017. Join us to create a herbal spiral installation together, starting on 15th of May at 13:00 оn Stortorget! More information about the event on:



Then on 20th May at 13:00 он Stortorget we are going to plant the installation together with all the project participants during a planting workshop. More information about the event on: