What We Do

ABC is an independent non-profit organisation established in Lund 1998. Our work and collaborations focus on small-scale and long- term grassroots contributions. These range from urban gardens, fruit picking initiatives and the promotion of Fairtrade in Lund, to establishing a dynamic youth center in Nepal. Through the practice of democracy building and strengthening participation, human rights, gender equality and environmental awareness, we create positive and enduring change in society.

Our Vision: ABC brings people together to enable the transition towards sustainable and empowered communities.

Our International Collaborations

The international cooperations are carried out in conjunction with local organizations in order to strengthen them in their efforts to create better living conditions for the people they work with. Today, ABC collaborates with two organizations in Nepal, namely Youth Action Nepal and  Clean up Nepal.


Local Projects in Lund

Vi odlar!

Urban Naturalistic Installations (UNI)

Sleeping Projects



Working Groups

Communications Group

Development Group

Administration Group

Activity Group


For any inquiries and if you have any ideas for a project or collaboration you’d like to share, please contact us at info@abcsweden.org