Local Projects

In Sweden, ABC runs a local environment, democracy and integration project in Lund. An important part of ABC’s work is also to spread information and form opinions about fair trade, organic farming and our international projects and collaborations for development work. For instance, we have an urban gardening project and a beekeeping project that work actively to integrate environmental sustainability into the local context of Lund. We also arrange fruit picking days, urban gardening training, ecological footprint workshops, pop-up cafe’s serving organic food and much more. Read more about our local efforts below and get involved! 

Vi Odlar!

Vi Odlar! aims to explore and apply urban gardening in practical and creative ways. It is a place to build new social networks and get inspired and work towards a sustainable and inclusive Lund. By using sustainable methods and creatively reusing leftover materials, we have been transforming a grey industrial area into a dynamic and edible piece of urban art since 2014.


Humanitarian Mapping

When disaster strikes in certain areas there is often no local spatial information on the area available, even on Google Maps. This is why ABC Sweden invites people to its Humanitarian Mapping workshops, where volunteers collaborate to map disaster-struck areas around the globe using OpenStreetMap and the HOT/OSM platform. It's an easy tool that can be used while just hanging out, but which accomplishes something major!

Bee the Change Lund

Bee the Change is a collaboration between ABC and HU. The project gives students and community members the opportunity to learn about pollinators and beekeeping. Bee the Change aims for a biodiverse and a pollinator-friendly Lund. Bee the Change keeps its own bees at Stenkrossen in Lund and produces honey with them.