The Statutes of ABC

The statutes were enacted by the inaugural meeting in Lund, 29 July 1998, and revised at the extra annual general meeting in February 28th 2008, November 11th 2019 and March 8th 2020.

Below you can read a translation of the Swedish statutes.

§ 1 The organization's name and location

The name is ABC - active contribution for people and the environment. The registered office is Lund.

§ 2 The organization's focus and character

ABC - active contribution for people and the environment is is a non-profit organization with operations in Sweden and internationally. ABC - active contribution for people and the environment, is politically and religiously independent. The organization works with international development, public education, environmental issues, gender issues, democracy, human rights, the spread of information and advocacy.

§ 3 Working Principles

The work is carried out in cooperation with local organizations and the assistance is conveyed by the character of self-help. For its work, the organization depends entirely on voluntary donations and grants. The work is conducted through practical development and support work. Fundraising is essential for the organization's work and to ensure the organization's independence.

§ 4 Structure

The organizations' work is led by a Board of Directors elected by the Annual Meeting. The Board consists of a chairman and not more than six, at least four other members, with or without deputies. The President is elected for one year and can then be re-elected three times. Half of the members and any deputy members are elected every year. Other members elected for two years. The Board constitutes a quorum when more than half of the members are present. Where the voting is a tie, the chairman has the final vote. The board represents the association and appoint signatories. The above persons must be of legal age, not bankrupt and may not be banned from business operation.

§ 5 Membership

Everyone, both physical and legal persons, who want to support the work of the organization is welcome to join. The member fee is regulated at the annual meeting.

§ 6 Exclusion of member

Exclusion of a member may occur if a member works against organization's objectives or violates the organization's policies. The Board may suspend, and prohibit the person to act in the name of the organization until the next annual meeting when the matter is decided. Members who are threatened with expulsion are entitled to speak for themselves at the annual meeting. Another person with written authority is entitled to speak for the person in question.

§ 7 Accounts and Auditing

The organization's activities and finances shall be audited by at least one, and at most two auditors. The accounting period is from January 1st to December 31st.

§ 8 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting is the highest decision-making body. The annual meeting is held before the end of March, on the day of that the Board determines and to which voting members are called at least four weeks before the annual meeting. Voting rights at the organization's annual meetings or general meetings will be granted physical or legal person, who, during the previous fiscal year paid membership by at least the amount of the annual meeting determines. Furthermore, the right to vote at the annual meeting is regulated by a notice of participation at the annual meeting, or general meeting, to the organization's office at least one week in advance.

At the annual meeting there shall be:

  1. Establishment of the voting list
  2. The annual meeting competent proclamation
  3. Vote of the chairperson, the secretary, minute adjustor and vote counter
  4. Approval of the agenda
  5. Notification of issues under other matters
  6. Designation Board of Directors and the auditor's report, adoption of the income statement and balance sheet.
  7. Processing of annual report.
  8. Processing of economic report.
  9. Process of the audit report.
  10. Decision of of discharge of responsibility for the duration that the audit covers.
  11. Determination of operations and budget
  12. Election  of chairman for one year
  13. Election of members with or without deputy for two years
  14. Election of members with or without deputy in a year
  15. Election of auditors and deputy auditors.
  16. Election of Nomination Committee, consisting of three persons.
  17. Election of annual membership fee.
  18. Processing of any submitted cases. These cases must reach the Board no later than one month before the annual meeting.

Extraordinary Annual Meeting may be summoned by the Board or a third of the members. The notice must be sent no later than four weeks before the date of the extra annual meeting and notice shall be given at least one week in advance. In the summon, the reason for it should be stated. At the extra annual meeting, only that/those stated question/questions should be addressed.

§ 9 Amendment of statutes

Amendment of these statues is determined by the annual meeting with at least two-thirds majority of the voting, and by a proposal to that effect is given to the board no later than four weeks before the annual meeting and that the board has given a statement of it.

§ 10 Resolution

The dissolution of the organization requires a two-thirds majority in two consecutive annual meetings, including at least one regular. The association's property shall then, after deduction for accrued fees, be assigned to the organization's stakeholders.