The Board

Chairperson | Daniela Nemeti

Originally from Romania, I left my home country when I was 18, following my drive for exploring, learning and growing in a multicultural, international environment. After having completed a year of European Voluntary Service and a Bachelor’s in International Communications and Media, with a Minor in Sustainable Development in The Netherlands, I moved to Vietnam, where I was an English teacher. Now finishing a Master’s in International Development and Management, at Lund University.
A pragmatic mind with an open heart, a believer in the power of engagement and reciprocity, a tireless participant in the change I want to see in my community - that’s what leads me in all that I do and that’s what first drew me to engage in Yuwalaya Youth Resource Centre in Kathmandu, and now in the ABC Board. In my free time I love to cook with friends or by myself, to read, to explore and learn, to practice yoga, to go hiking and, my newest old hobby, to craft and paint clay jewellery.
Fun Fact: When asked where is home for me? First thought - home is Romania, where my parents are, second thought - home is everywhere.
“You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart always will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.” ― Miriam Adeney

Vice Chairperson | Katrina Taylor

KatrinaT Profile Picture

Katrina’s background is in history, politics, law and human rights. She is passionate about children’s rights and youth engagement. She loves to read and write. Katrina first became engaged with ABC’s international projects and has since held various board positions including chairperson, coordinator for international projects and activities coordinators.

Fun fact: Katrina still prefers letters to emails and has even sent a telegram!


Treasurer | Felipe Visson

Felipe likes to describes himself with quotes “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”  Mahatma Gandhi

Fun Fact: Treasurer … because every organisation needs one!


International Coordinator | Olga Martin

Olga strongly believes that gender equality and social justice are fundamental in order to ensure a sustainable an inclusive development; therefore, both must be constantly fought for, protected and promoted. She holds a Master’s degree in Gender and Development and B.A in Political Sciences  complemented by more than 15 years of experience in international development cooperation and humanitarian aid. She currently works as Gender Equality Coordinator for the European Commission. Prior to that, she worked with international organisations, government donor and CSOs in Mauritania, Namibia, Senegal, South Africa, Honduras and  India in diverse areas, such as human rights, migration, education and health ensuring that a rights based approach and gender equality are mainstream across the project´s cycle and at policy level.

Fun fact: When I was a child I was struck by a documentary about Africa, I wanted to become a missionary because at that time, it was the only way I knew  to work in the field of cooperation; later on I found my own path 🙂


Secretary | Nicola Winterson

Nicola (she/her) has an academic background in Sociology and Gender Studies for which she holds a masters degree from Lund University.

Nicola has been a part of NGOs involving children's and women's rights and has volunteered as a Rape Crisis Counsellor in the UK and at a Women's Support Center (kvinnojour) in Sweden previous to joining ABC as Secretary in 2021.

Nicola currently works as a Freelance Web Developer but in her spare time loves to spend time at her allotment as well as working towards her goal of baking the perfect vegan cookie.

Fun fact:
Lover of all things nerdy, Nicola plays a half-elf bard in her Dungeons & Dragons group.

General Member & Fairtrade Coordinator | Sevgi Ilgezdi

Sevgi has academic background in economics, education and sustainability. She worked at  international companies and at education sector. Sevgi  joined ABC as the Fairtrade board member and also contributes to local and international projects whenever needed. She loves taking photos and capturing the moment with her camera.

Fun  Fact: She is afraid of heights but she loves climbing and exploring the fascinating beauty of Nature.