English invitation to book release

Meet urban gardeners! Sow a seed for a green and just future! Check out ABC’s brand new method book! 

After four seasons gardening with children and youth in Linero, east Lund, ABC is very proud to welcome you to the book release party for our local urban gardening and democracy project Ett Grönare Lund’s method book “Växa & gro – stadsodling som demokrativerkstad” (Grow & Thrive – Urban Gardening As A Democracy Building Tool)! The release party takes place Wednesday 8th of April at culture house Stenkrossen in Lund from 5.30 pm onwards.  Even though the book is written in Swedish, the program for the book release will be English-friendly.

In the book, authors Julia Linder and Sara Nelson, project leader and gardening coordinator for the project,  emphasizes urban gardening as a way to work with sustainable developement – where children and youth get the mandate and the tools to influence their everyday lives, society and the future. The book is written for experienced gardeners, those who are eager to get started, as well as teachers, pedagogues and leaders of children and youth activities.

More information about the book release can be found on Ett Grönare Lund’s blog and on the Facebook eventet: Boksläpp för Ett Grönare Lunds metodbok “Växa & gro”Well met!


Welcome to ABC’s Urban Gardening Kick-Off!

Do You want to contribute in the transition to more sustainable and just societies and become a part of an edible, diverse and global movement!? Then You are most welcome to ABC’s Urban Gardening Kick-Off happening Monday 9th of March 5.30 pm at Culture house Stenkrossen in Lund! More info on the Facebook eventet:



Nomination List to ABC’s Annual Meeting

At ABC’s Annual Meeting this Saturday 29th of November, the meeting will elect ABC’s coming Board, Election Committee and External Accountant.

Here is the Election Committee’s nomination list:

  • Chairperson 1 year – Helen Backlund
  • Ordinary Member (Vice Chairperson) 1 year – Julia Linder
  • Ordinary Member (Secretary) 2 years – Lina Sundberg
  • Ordinary Member (Activity Coordinator) 1 year – Julian Wortman
  • Ordinary Member (Development Group) 2 years – Liz Kyrklund
  • Suppleant (Communications Officer) 2 years – Jamie Bowd
  • Supppleant (Activity Coordination + Membership Issues) 1 year – Hanna Burckhardt
  • Suppleant – (Development Group) 2 years – Maja Karlsson
  • Suppleant – (Development Group) 1 year – Adventino Banjwa
  • Election Committee Member (Spokesperson) 1 year – Madhuri Paul
  • Election Committee Member 1 year – Hristo Valchev
  • Election Committee Member 1 year – vacant
  • External Accountant – 1 year Magnus Persson, Lunda Revisionsbyrå

*Please observe that the role written in parenthesis is the Election Committees recommendation. The final roles of all Ordinary and Suppleant Members is to be decided by the coming Board at the first Constitutional Board Meeting. 

At the Annual Meeting, a motivation for each candidate will be given. It is possible to contest all positions at the actual meeting except for the Chairperson position.

For questions or comments, please contact:

Julia Linder (

or Madhuri Paul (