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The Development Group

The Development group focuses on managing ongoing projects both locally and abroad, facilitating the flow of information between projects and the ABC Board, and discussing new project ideas.

Our projects are the one of the key spaces where members and other interested people engage with ABC. It is therefore immensely important for individuals from all apects of the organisation to participate in this working group, so the direction taken by ABC is responsive to the needs of our society.

We want everyone – both members and interested non-members – to have their say. We believe that it is imperative to have a dynamic and diverse discussion, to ensure the continual positive development of ABC and its projects.

The development group has monthly meetings which are announced through the ABC mailing list and facebook. We invite project leaders, participants, members, board members, and interested non-membrs to join us at our these meetings. There we will discuss the operation of on-going projects, brainstorm ideas for new activities and projects as well as innovative ways of doing things.
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