Greenhouse Educational Ecosystem (GEE)

“We care for life all together”

testGreenhouse Educational Ecosystem (GEE) began in January 2015 as a self-organized student initiative and developed into a collaboration project of ABC and HU. The aim of the project is to develop an educational approach of experiential learning with a focus on how to create and implement a sustainable and ecological Naturalistic Design in open places and public spaces in Sweden.

The backyard area of Greenhouse Accommodation has been reorganised into an educational ecosystem, consisting of different spaces with educational purposes such as an edible organic garden, bee and pollinators garden, forest garden, social zones and natural zones. Most of the elements have been created from reused and/or recycled materials and with a combination of permaculture, biodynamics and agroecology techniques. Such design makes a productive environment that stimulates the biodiversity and increases the ecosystem services.

The GEE project creates tools and shares knowledge for empowering the local community through regular weekend meetings and workshops during the spring, summer and autumn, presenting how to create and sustain the educational ecosystem elements. The GEE site also acts as an integration and inspiration environment for the multicultural participants and anyone is welcome to join.

Another aim of the project is to broaden and enrich the already established urban gardening network of ABC. Therefore there are a range of collaborative activities and events  with the other two urban gardening projects of ABC – Vi Odlar and Ett Grönare Lund.

Spring 2016 Events

The Art of Composting workshop – 13.02.2016 | Organic Urban Gardening training – 19.03.2016 | Wake up GEE Garden – 20.03.2016 | Gardening session – 03.04.2016 | How to grow Permaculture workshop – 10.04.2016 | Humanure workshop – 24.04.2016 | How to create Bee Eden workshop – 01.05.2016 Naturalistic Art – April/May/June | Let`s draw signs and maps workshop – April/May |Bio Monitoring – April/May/June

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Project leader:
Hristo Valchev
Tel. +46735230554

Stora Råby Byaväg 88
224 78
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You are more than welcome to join this vibration and transform in green with us!