In 2021, ABC started a unique collaboration with Glostars . Glostars is Finnish-based available worldwide free online platform for all photographers – from beginners to professionals.

Joining their visions, ABC and Glostars have started running local and international photo contests, with the aim of raising awareness about issues that concern both organisations. After having run their first local photo contest in September 2021 on the theme of ‘Sustainable communities’, ABC and Glostars have teamed up again, this time for a month-long, international photo contest with the theme of ‘Green Nature’ in November 2021.

Nowadays, humans are engaged in many nature-depleting activities that have generated pollution, destabilised ecosystems and have ultimately driven the climate change emergency. Through its theme, the contest aims at raising awareness regarding the beauty, importance and need for protecting the Green Nature of our Planet!.

By engaging in this partnership and co-organising such contests, ABC – Active Contributions for People and the Environment & Glostars aim at promoting the power that photography holds on raising awareness and driving change towards a more sustainable living.

If you want to be part of this contest or any other one, visit or install the free Glostars app from Google Play.

If you want to support ABC in our work with small-scale, community-powered initiatives, become a member of ABC Sweden and learn all about the ways in which you can get engaged.