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Urban Naturalistic Installations (UNI)

Urban Naturalistic Installations (UNI) is an environmental, integration and sustainable education project in Lund initiated by non-profit organisation ABC – Active contributions for people and the environment. The project is possible thanks to support from City of Lund’s Environmental Grant.

During 2017, UNI will engage people of Lund in creating three “natural installations” in central places of the city. These installations aim to increase biodiversity and create open meeting places and educational platforms right in the heart of Lund.


The work began in February 2017 with a public design drawing of ideas for the future installations.

In March the group worked on the pre-cultivationof a wide variety of herbs, spices, flowers, vegetables and berries that are going to be used for the decoration of the installations.

There continue to be regular project sessions every Wednesday at 17:00 in the White Gallery of Stenkrossen – house of culture in Lund, together with the gardening sessions of Vi Odlar ABC’s organisation project.

After negotiations with the Lund’s municipality departments it was decided to make a herbal spiral garden installation, a mandala garden installation and a Green Growing Globe installation.

These projects commenced in collaboration with more than 10 local partners for the different installations.

The first installation, the Herbal Spiral Garden, was built in May and  placed on Stortorget – the main square in the city. It was created for the Sustainability Week in Lund 15-21 May 2017 and planted on 20th of May.


Next was the creation of the Mandala Garden at Stenkrossen throughout June and the planting over Midsummer on the 24th of June!

The process for the final installation has begun with the setting up of the Green Growing Globe II (GGG II)

GGG II will use the design of the Growroom spherical shaped wooden structure, designed and open-sourced by Studio Space10. It is approximately 2,5 m. in diameter and has 7 layers, 5 of which are suitable for growing plants alongside their circumferences.

The design will be elaborated upon to make it look like the Earth with Oceans and continents. There will be technological aspect provided by ByLife, Solarxbike, FutureByLund and Sensafarm. On top of the wood structure there will be a solar panel that will produce renewable energy. The energy will be used for powering water pumps and Arduino computer that will run the automatic irrigation system . Energy will also act as charging stations for solarxbikes and usb devices such as smartphones or laptops. Sensors monitoring humidity, temperature and pH will be placed in the soil and surrounding environment. Those sensors will provide real-time data of the  situation inside and outside of the installation.


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If you have any questions or comments, please contact the project leader Hristo Valchev:
e-mail: hristo.valchev@abcsweden.org
mob: +46735230554