We are attending Skördefesten 2014


This weekend it is time for Skördefesten! The city of Lund will be filled with all that belongs to our colourful autumn. So of course there will be pumpkins, seeds and other local grown vegetables, a parad of wheelbarrows, people dancing around with trees and a Lundasylt made out of Lunds very own fruits and berries!

We at ABC will of course be here this weekend. During saturday we wish to see sunshine and a blue sky when we attend Skördefesten. Our projects and the project coordinators will be active during this autumn day. We will be joining the wheelbarrow parad from Stortorget to the park Bleckhornens with our own wheelbarrows and hang in Stadsparken with who ever wants to chat with us about our projects.

This saturday during Skördefesten is a very special day this year! This year we have with us our new Lundasylt! This is a jam made of fruit and berries which Fruktsam handpicks in public places around Lund and cook with help from the chef Bianca for all of Lund to enjoy. In other words it is an ecological, locally produced jam of Lund – Lundasylt! Make small talk with Fruktsams project coordinator and learn more about the project, the vision behind it and our Lundasylt.

Read more about the rest of Skördefesten here on Lunds website.

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