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About Us
Yuwalaya is a Youth Resource Center to be located in Kathmandu, Nepal. In fact, the Nepalese word ‘Yuwalaya’ means ‘home of the youth’. Yuwalaya hopes to provide resources for young people, along with a safe space and a learning environment, by empowering, supporting, motivating and activating the youth of Kathmandu. Working in collaboration with Youth Action Nepal, the Resource Center will offer mentors to guide the youth towards work, education, leisure activities or other wanted resources. There will also be a youth friendly health clinic, a meeting hall with space for workshops and activities, a café and a library with a computerized search unit where resources can be accessed. The target group for Yuwalaya is young people in the age between 16 and 29 years old.

Yuwalaya is a space to be run for the youth, by the youth!


In Yuwalaya there will be activities and resources aiming to meet the needs that young people in Nepal have. Youth shall be welcomed no matter where they are in life.

Confidentiality is of the upmost importance to Yuwalaya; all information shared with the staff will stay between the staff and the youth. Furthermore, the staff will work to assist the youth to become independent. Yuwalaya is striving to make the young people move on when they are ready, so that they will not stay dependent on guidance form a mentor or counselor. Therefore, they will be encouraged to take the next step outside Yuwalaya when they feel ready for it. Feedback is another important aspect, Yuwalaya is always open to positive change and therefore feedback is a crucial and central part.

The resources are divided into the following areas:393750_268042593258582_100001585302466_797177_350318594_n

  • Individual mentoring
  • Education, training, workshops and activities
  • Library with a search and resource unit
  • Youth friendly health service and counseling
  • Café with tea, coffee and snacks
  • Meeting hall


There is a lot going on at Yuwalaya today; having received funding from Forum Syd, ABC can now realise its dream of a Youth centre in Kathmandu! Two members of ABC from the Yuwalaya project (Ashish and Annika) are currently in Nepal searching for a location for the newly funded resource centre. There will be a launch for the centre on the 26th of March and it aims to be running by April.

Pictures from the new Yuwalaya centre in Nepal!

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