The GreenTalk Knowledge Series

 The GreenTalk Knowledge Series

To increase young public knowledge and ability to contribute to a greener and more well-integrated city, ABCs local project Ett Grönare Lund arranges the knowledge series GreenTalk together with Lund University’s environmental association Hållbart Universitet and Study Association Sensus since the Spring of 2011.


The knowledge series revolves around topics such as organic urban gardening, environmental issues, empowerment of the local community and closely related subjects. GreenTalks takes place in the form of interactive workshops accompanied by practical exercise such as gardening, exchanging seeds and the like. And of course, we always make time to enjoy some friendly banter and homemade eco-friendly and fair trade fika during our GreenTalk Workshops.

Get active!

get activeA group of enthusiatic volunteers from Ett Grönare Lund and from Hållbart Universitet (Lund’s Student’s for Sustainability) together form a working group that arrange our dynamic knowledge series GREEN TALKS.

The working group meets in the form of a study circle about once every two weeks and brainstorm, contact interesting experts within fields/areas of interest, do creative marketing together, and; most importantly, host the GREEN TALK Workshops at cool venues in Lund.

To get active and to contribute to a greener city as a volunteer or speaker, feel free to contact the Green Talk Group’s spokesperson Ida Gåvertsson:

Passed GreenTalk Workshops

Spring of 2013

Indirect Use of Energy – The Case of Food
Picture-for-GreenTalk-1-2013Have you ever thought about how much energy is hidden in your breakfast cereal as a result of production, packaging and often long transportation? No? During Febuary’s GreenTalk at Lund’s Social Science Union, in central Lund, Marina Martelli, Master Student at Lund University’s  Environmental Studies and Sustainability Sciences Program, shared her knowledge about indirect energy use in the food we consume everyday.

Marina’s interest in topics around energy efficiency and consumer behavior helped the audience understand the connection between energy such as fossil fuels and the food supply chain. Ideas and discussions on how to reduce our personal ecological footprint through every day choices was also a part of this GreenTalk. This GreenTalk was carried out in co-operation with Hållbart Universitet, Study Association Sensus and Lund’s Social Science Union.

Autumn of 2012

Community, People & Food 
was the theme of November’s Green Talk.  Speaker April Subucco shared her experiences regarding starting her own urban gardening project in California, USA. What started off as a Summer Intern’s proposal, developed over a couple of months and became a unique space right in the center of Long Beach where edible food crops could be grown and harvested.

Feel free to read April’s research article as a Master student of Urban Agglomerations about the right to grow food in the urban environment, with take-off point in Lund: The Right to Produce Food in the City.


Spring and summer of 2012


Saturday the 9th of June, Ett Grönare Lund arranged a Green Talk Workshop in Lund’s City Park as part of youth festival Ung på Scen arranged by Lund’s Youth Council. Together with seventeen youth, four volunteers within the project gardened organic herbs and discussed what can be picked and eaten in the wildlife during the summer months.  It was a fun day filled with interesting encounters, great music and lovely weather!


During the Sustainability festival Planet Lund,
two GreenTalks was arranged:


Monday the 21st of May, Karin Ervelin, soon to be eco-chef and co-founder of gardening network Mykorrhiza, held a workshop about food and climate at Domkyrkoforum in central Lund. This workshop provided knowledge and tools of how to plan our personal menu in a eco-friendly and financially sustainable way. We also planted beans, tomatoes and courgette and got to taste a selection of wild flowers.

Wednesday the 16th of May 
the Green Talk Group arranged a workshop in co-operation with the youth association Ungdomsforum för Agenda 21 (UFO). Ett Grönare Lund’s project leader Julia Linder held a workshop about organic and seasonal adapted gardening and food consumption at Wickmanska Youth Café in central Lund. We also planted organic herbs such as rosemary, Greek and regular basil and thyme together.

Green-talk-7-mars1 (1)
Wednesday the 7th of March
, the first GreenTalk of the spring was held. Ett Grönare Lund together with Hållbart Universitet, Sensus Studieförbund and
Wickmanska Youth Café presented a GREEN TALK Workshop about planting and caring for ecological herbs. Experienced and creative eco-gardener Anette Nilsson talked us through a practical workshop where we together learnt how to plant, care for and use organic seeds in a sustainable, fun, and easy way.