Greenhouse Educational Ecosystem (GEE)

Greenhouse Educational Ecosystem

GEE is passion about developing an innovative and educational approach of experiential learning. There is a focus on how to create and implement a sustainable, environmental ecosystem design in open places and public spaces.

The main project is a former greenhouse area that will be established as a functioning ecosystem and urban garden. Together we will grow solidarity and collective intelligence to create a self-sustainable paradise for biodiversity and in the same time an interesting place for studying and practicing environmental sustainable activities. We will promote contact and dialogue between different individuals, institutions and organizations and inspire people to act towards positive sustainable changes of places. In the comming spring we will do workshops that involve: making composts for recycling the domestic organic waste, creation of different types of soil beds for plants, bird houses and insect hotels from recycled materials. We are planning to share seeds for domestic seedling production and re-plantation to our expanding GEE project, where everybody will be welcome to participate and learn basics of gardening and different consumable plant species. We will do as well more theoretical but very important workshops about ecosystems trends and biotic and abiotic components!

If you want to get involved, come and visit us in GEE. We will usually do our workshops during the weekends! The address is: Stora Råby byaväg 88 Lund, Sweden.

Find out the latest on events from the GEE facebook page:

Or contact the project directors via e-mail: or phone:

Hristo Valchev – 0735230554

Guille Sego – 072 5042556

Oscar Paganin – 076 9307470


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