Previous activities

Since we have been around for more than 10 years, there are some projects undertaken and completed. The goal and purpose of our development activities are self-help, which means that this is a natural step in the process. Our goal is to support and assist local organizations to independently operate. It is this that leads to long-term development, we should not make organizations dependent on us but support them in their own capacity development towards independence. Here you will find projects that have been around ABCs house but now stands on its own.


Four years ago, ABC brought into reality one of its most ambitious projects abroad. In partnership with Youth Action Nepal, we established Yuwalaya –  theYouth Resource Center in Kathmandu. It provides mentors for studies and careers, psycho-social and health counselling, workshops and outdoor activities to empower and inform the youth, and resources for them to pursue their own initiatives!

ABCs Fair Shop | Lund, Sweden

For many years, ABC had a shop on Winstrupsgatan in Lund. Unfortunately, we had to close the store in 2011 when the property owner would use the premises to another. We are now selling our goods at various events, markets and at ABCs new premises at Swallows India Bangladesh (Spolegatan 4, Lund). Read more …

HIMAD | Uttarakhand, India

During the year 2015, ABC ended a long and successful collaboration with HIMAD (Himalayan Society for Alternative Development). HIMAD  was founded in 1995 and have been a collaborating partner with ABC since 1996.

ABC would sincerely like to thank everyone involved for the past 15 years including our members, donors. We wish HIMAD and Ann Ottengrim well with their ongoing work. A review based on interviews with former volunteers from ABC and HIMAD is available here.

The Volunteer Programme | India

ABC volunteers went to have an exciting and unusual experience, a lifelong memory and made new friendships. By taking part in the mountain culture of the Himalayas and living with people from the native tribal community they were able to assist in HIMAD’s work and learn extensive amounts about assisting individuals and groups of people in need from a different culture than your own.

CHILLA | Kerala, India

ABC supports Chilla’s orphanage for the children of sex workers in Kerala, India. In the past, the children lived a very precarious life but with Chilla they get security and education. Chilla is also working actively to change society’s view of these children.

One Child One Future | Tamil Nadu, India

Between 2007 and 2012 ABC collaborated with a local organization, Youth and Welfare Association (MYWA) in Tamil Nadu in southern India for the project One Child One Future. ABC supported the children in their schooling. Read more …

Support for Children | Mbale, Uganda

In Uganda, in the town of Mbale at Mt Elgons foot, ABC has previously collaborated with two local organizations to directly support children in financial difficulties. Cooperation with the Organization CRO (Child Restoration Outreach) and OHS (Oxford High School) was completed at the turn of 2008/2009. Read more …

Educational Trips

ABC has arranged three separate educational trips with the Sensus study association. In 2002 we went to Uganda, in 2004, the destination was India, and in 2007 we went to trips to Vietnam and India. Read more …