ABC sells Fair Trade Goods at Svalorna

Bild på ABC's varor.

ABC sells fair trade goods at Svalorna March 9 at 10-15. You can find fine textiles, jewelry, organic skin care products and much more! ABC’s Yuwalaya group makes a collection and provides information about youth project in Nepal. Serving with refreshments throughout the day. You can find us on Spolegatan 5 in Lund.


Sale at ABC

Textiles and Accessories:

Bracelets (wood, painted designs) 10 kr
Knitted scarves from women’s cooperative Kimat in Indian Himalayas 40 kr
Scarves (bright spring colors) 40 kr
Shawls (woven pattern) 60 SEK

Interior storage

Envelopes (handmade, multi-color) 5 kr
Braided trivet SEK 10
Glasses fordral 15 kr
Braided boxes (small) boxes SEK 10
Braided boxes (larger) 20 kr
Tygnecessärer (zip) 20 kr
Photo Frames 30 kr
Trash (braided) 50 kr
Decorative Pillow 50 SEK
Lap top fordral $ 100
Handbag 120 SEK

For children

Small jumping jacks 5 krPapegoja (fabric, hung from the ceiling or lamp)

skin care products

Organic skin care products (Himalayas) 5 kr/st- anti wrinkle cream, foot cream, etc. (reduced due to short date)

Gift to all who buy coffee by ABC Yuwalaya group that makes the collection of youth projects in Nepal, an organic toothpaste (Himalayas) with a taste of India!ABC Fair Shop varor