ABC’s international work

Today ABC has cooperations in India and Nepal. ABCs international work is smal scale since we think that change happens at the grasroute level. The work is also based on self-help. ABC does not conduct any development work alone. Instead cooperations with local organizations are fundamental. Therefore we aim at strengten them in their efforts to create better living conditions for the people they work with.

Below you can read more about our partnerships and activities that we have today.




The Yuwalaya project is run in collaboration with Youth Action Nepal and has volunteers from around the world. It is based in Kathmandu, Nepal and has been running since 2008. The aim to create a youth centre in the region is now being realised, thanks to funding from Forum Syd.  By providing a one door in, many ways out approach to resources, a safe place and an educational environment Yuwalaya aims to empower, support, motivate and activate the Nepalese youth. Read More…



HIMAD gruppbild


HIMAD – Himalayan Society for Alternative Development is one of ABCs partners in India. Since 1996 they work with empowerment and social mobilization in the district of Chamoli in the state of Uttrakhand in India. They, like ABC, believe that small scale development create change and they work at the individual level with the most vulnerable groups in society. Read more (Swedish)…

KIMAT ingress


KIMAT is a handicraft project that provides women in mountain villages around Gopeshwar, in the northern Indian Himalayas, an opportunity for income and independence. Kimat means ‘value’ in Hindi and was started by a former ABC volunteer. It was originally a knitting project that has devevolved into a multi art-crafts project that really has a bright future. Read more (Swedish)…