Fairtrade Award and Training in English

Fairtrade City Lund (where ABC is a representative in the Steering Group) has been awarded “This Year’s Fairtrade City” by Fairtrade Sverige!

Everyone is invited to celebrate this fantastic news on March 16th at Lund’s Stadsbibliotek Please see here for more details

Additionally ABC will also be running a Fairtrade training in English on the 17th of March 5-7pm!

The training will be led by Emma Gullstrand from ABF Skåne. Emma is a very experienced facilitator and educated as a Fairtrade instructor. There is already quite an extensive Fairtrade training for people who want to become Fairtrade ambassadors in Sweden, however it is in Swedish only, so this is a unique opportunity for non-Swedish speakers to find out more.
The workshop will focus on the Fairtrade concept, including what it is and why we need it. Guests will learn more about world trading and how Fairtrade contributes to better lives- and working conditions for thousands of farmers all over the world. They will also gain insight into the difference between Fairtrade and Fair Trade (two words) and lots more. There will also be time for discussion and questions. Fika will be provided.
Time: Tuesday the 17th of March at 5-7 pm.
Place: Sensus building, Krafts torg 12A, Lund
Free for ABC members and 30 SEK for others.
Places are limited to 15-20 people so get in fast!

To find out more or register  your place, please email Julian at julian.wortmann@abcsweden.orgfairtrade

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