Global rättvisa nu! arrives in Lund on monday!


logga till GRNOn the 28th of April, Global Rättvisa Nu! makes its pit stop in Lund. Visitors await a day full of activities such as lectures, seminars and clothes-swapping (full schedule here), courtesy of ABC amongst several other organizations! In the name of justice, all activities surrounding the event is free!

Global Rättvisa Nu! is an initiative focusing on the betterment of solidarity, justice and sustainable development. This is done with the help of informative, creative and – most importantly – interactive activities throughout a tour of Sweden.

ABC will arrange GreenTalk on Global Perspectives On Local Food Sovereignty and Security in collaboration with Svalorna Indien Bangladesh. During this seminar, eco-grower Karin Jansson will talk about the importance of food security in Sweden, PhD Molly MacGregor will give us a research perspective on food security while Suresh, head of Svalorna’s parner organization in India, will talk about their work on empowering womens food sovereignty on a grassroots level. The seminar is followed by thematic questions as well as questions from the audience.

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