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What We Do

ABC works locally in Lund and cooperates with organisations internationally. ABCs international work is largely characterized by small-scale and self-help development cooperations.

In Sweden, ABC runs a local environment, democracy and integration project in Lund. An important part of ABC's work is also to spread information and form opinions about fair trade, organic farming and our international projects and collaborations for development work. For instance, we have several urban gardening projects (Vi Odlar, Ett Grönare Lund, GEE) that work actively to integrate environmental sustainability into the local context of Lund. We also arrange fruit picking days, urban gardening training, ecological footprint workshops, pop-up cafe’s serving organic food and more.

The international cooperations are done in conjunction with local organizations in order to strengthen them in their efforts to create better living conditions for the people they work with. Today, ABC collaborates with organizations in India and Nepal.

Our work aims to build on people's own needs and desires from a democratic perspective and on the grounds of human rights. We also see the importance of having an integrated environmental approach in our projects and collaborations as we believe that the environment has a significant impact on people's lives.

If you want to start your own project with us, please contact us at info@abcsweden.org

Upcoming Events

Locally in Lund



Greenhouse Educational Ecosystem 

GEE is an urban gardening project on the east side in Lund. The aim of the project is to develop an educational approach of experiential learning with a focus on how to create and implement a sustainable and ecological Naturalistic Design in open places and public spaces in Sweden. Everyone is welcome to participate! Learn more here.



Vi Odlar!

is ABCs urban gardening project at Stenkrossen in downtown Lund. The group meets on wednesdays between 17-19.00. You are more than welcome to join!

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 Urban Naturalistic Installations

Urban Naturalistic Installations (UNI) is an environmental, integration and sustainable education project in Lund, Sweden initiated by non-profit organisation ABC – Active contributions for people and the environment




Arranges fruit picking days during harvest seasons. Meetings are announced through Facebook and the ABC Calendar. At their site you will find a map of fruit trees located at public spaces in Lund and more.